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The Shop In The Woods At The Maryland Renaissance Festival (With some of the woods growing out of the front steps!)

Mom Crosewl’s Magic Shop is located at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD.  The festival runs nine consecutive weekends starting in late August every year.  But what about the rest of the year?!

It might be the middle of February and you gotta have a magic trick (or wand)!  Don’t despair, Mom Crosewl’s hand made magic tricks can be purchased through the mail YEAR ROUND!  Don’t you feel better now?

Peruse these pages and let us know what you think.  Mike & Tom (Mom’s two favorite sons) are always interested in your suggestions.  Remember all the tricks are hand made the old fashioned way… by hand.


Mom sometimes has special sales and contests. When we do, we announce them on our Facebook page. The only way to find out about these neato goings-on is to “Like” Mom Crosewl Magic on Facebook.  Do so without delay.

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