Wizard Wands and More!

Mom is a specialist in the Wand game.  She has been making, using, collecting, selling, breaking, and generally doing “the Wand thing” since you were in short pants.  If you are still in short pants, well, I rest my case. Select from the various styles of wands from the drop down menu above.

The Scroll of Secrets – FREE with Every Mom Crosewl Wand!

The Wand Scroll of Secrets (not to be confused with the Squirrel of Secrets).  Every Mom Crosewl Wand comes with this FREE scroll that teaches a few simple tricks that can be performed with a wand.  If you’re going to look like a magician, you might as well act like one!  Did we mention it’s FREE with every wand?  Well, it’s FREE!



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