The Squirrel of Secrets

The Squirrel of Secrets was first discovered in Mom Crosewl’s Magic Shop at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in 2010. No one is quite sure where he came from but everyone is in agreement that he’s here to stay (although he does take occasional vacations, he always returns to the shop eventually). A favorite pastime of the shop’s visitors is to take a picture with him. The Squirrel of Secrets is fond of being photographed with new people (and occasionally old people, too). Last year it occurred to us that he did not have a name.  Sure, he has a title, The Squirrel of Secrets, but no one knew his name. A contest was held and after receiving many entries the winning name was chosen. The official name of the Mom Crosewl Magic Shop Squirrel of Secrets is, “Squirrlin – Like Merlin, but a Squirrel.” That is his full name and he must be addressed as such.  Otherwise the squirrel will get unhappy.  You don’t want to make Squirrlin – Like Merlin, but a Squirrel unhappy do you?  We didn’t think so. The Squirrel of Secrets hopes you’ll stop by the shop this year and take photo with him, he’ll be watching for you (but not in a creepy stalker kinda way, so no worries).

He's the Squirrel of Secrets NOT Secret Squirrel - Be Sure You Get That Right

Packed And Ready To Go Off On One Of His Many Vacations