Right, That’s Wrong! – $24.95

Two wooden logs are removed from a small drawstring bag. One has the word “RIGHT” engraved on one side while the other has the word “WRONG” engraved on one side. The logs can be inspected by a member of the audience and they are found to be otherwise innocent. The magician explains that he has the power to make a person always right. To prove it, the magician places the two logs behind his back and mixes them up; this way the spectator doesn’t know which hand has which log. The performer places the two logs on the table in front of the spectator so the engraved sides are face down (touching the surface of the table). The volunteer has no idea which log is which. The magician tells the spectator that he has mentally transferred to him the power to be always right and asks the spectator to point at whichever log he feels has the word “WRONG” engraved on it. The magician turns that log over and it does indeed have the word “WRONG.” The magician exclaims, “You’re right, that’s wrong!” The spectator may suggest that he had a 50/50 chance at that maybe he just got lucky. However, the magician offers to repeat the demonstration, first mixing the two logs behind his back, yet the spectator again finds the “WRONG” log. The magician repeats the demonstration as many times as he likes, each time the spectator finds the “WRONG” log and is greeted with the magician saying, “You’re right, that’s wrong!” Once the spectator is convinced that he is always right, the magician removes the power. To prove it, the logs are mixed one last time, and the spectator is asked to find the “WRONG” log again. However, this time he finds the log with the word “RIGHT” and the magician exclaims, “You’re wrong, that’s right!” Thus wrapping up the demonstration and leaving the spectator wondering what just happened and if he’ll ever be right again. Complete with custom wooden logs, detailed instructions and drawstring pouch.