Exotic Wood Wizard Wand – $55.95

These wands are a few steps up from your usual Wizard Wand!  The Mom Crosewl Exotic Wood Wizard Wand is beautifully sculpted from a single piece of exotic wood, either Ebony or Wenge. Ebony is a naturally occurring jet black wood and has a nice heft to it, it oozes quality. Wenge is a lighter wood and known for it’s distinctive pinstripe grain pattern which is really cool. All Exotic Wood Wizard Wands are approximately 15 inches long. Each Exotic Wood Wizard Wand comes with its own drawstring pouch, too. And don’t forget, every  Wizard Wand also comes with a Scroll of Secrets!

Ebony Style “EBCL”


Ebony Style “EBRO”

Wenge Style “WERO”

Ebony Style “WERB”