Ultimate Wizard Wands

Every now and then Mom Crosewl goes all out and creates an Ultimate Wizard Wand. The wands on this page are certainly one of a kind but have also been created with extra-special-triple-fudgey-deluxe-atude. An Ultimate Wizard Wand isn’t for everybody, but then, that’s what makes it (and possibly you) ultimate.

Curved & Carved Rowan Wood Wand $99.00

This wand is made from Rowan, an English wood that is not easy to obtain in the USA. The wand has been carved into a beautiful spiral pattern running along the length of the shaft. The handle also has some hand carved symbols as can be seen in the second photo. The wand is approximately 17.5 inches long overall.

 Curved & Carved Rowan Wand

Crystal Tipped Mahogany Wand $99.00

This wand is made from Mahogany and has a crystal, wrapped in copper wire on each tip. With unique scalloped design running the length of the shaft, we guarantee nobody will have a wand like yours. Overall length is approximately 17 inches. An amazing wand!

 Crystal Tipped Mahogany Wand