Mom Crosewl’s Magic Shop is owned and operated by professional magicians Mike Rose and Tom Crowl.  However, when Mike & Tom are away (performing shows or doing whatever it is that they do when they are shirking their duties and not in the shop), Mom’s top notch crew of crackerjack trick monkeys run the show.  Over the last five hundred and thirty-nine (roughly) years that Mom’s has been in business, a number of people have been employed to demonstrate the tricks to the masses.  Some of Mom’s illustrious past crew members were, “One-Armed Sconce,” “Two-Ton Jack,” “Pink-Eye,” Jeb (who moved away to the edge of the world, then moved again, something like 17 times), and “What’s His Face, The Guy With The Hat.” As of this writing (12:06 AM) Mom only employs people who really know the inside of a magic shop.



Jim, a.k.a. “The Manager” has been with the shop the longest, at best estimate about 218 years. Jim not only manages the shop but occasionally works there. His hobbies include reading minds, looking at stuff and tending to his international duct tape collection (considered by many to be unnecessary). Next time you’re in the shop be sure to say hello to Jim and give him a high five (and then also be sure to duck). Jim is also fluent in nine languages, unfortunately they are all ones you’ve never heard of, so don’t bother asking.




Gabrielle, a.k.a. “Gabrielle” is the newest addition to the Mom Crosewl family. That means she is the one you probably should talk to about anything important (less time spent in the booth = better ability to pay attention). If you ask her to show you the latest magic trick she will tell you to talk to Jim. If you talk to Jim he will high five you (see the advice above regarding ducking). Gabrielle has quickly become the go-to person for advice about wizard wands. As you can see from her photo she is never without her wizard wand. You’ll also notice that she’s a dead-ringer for the girl you knew in high school. You know, the one that you copied from during tests.




Pieter is quick to show you a trick, even if you don’t want to see one. Don’t try to avoid it, just let him show you a couple dozen tricks and nobody gets hurt. This marathon trick demonstrating session is usually followed by him writing up a sales receipt for you, whether you decided to purchase something or not. Pieter is known for his ability to turn invisible on rainy days and his spot-on perfect impersonation of a mulberry bush. But don’t make the rookie mistake of singing the Mulberry Bush song to him, you really don’t want to do that… no, really.


Contrary to their appearance in these photos, our fully reliable and minty fresh staff has actually been known to wear real clothes on occasion, but you didn’t hear it from me.


Tom considering his options...

Tom considering his options…

 All of Mom’s staff are fully trained in the art of the trick demo.  So when you visit Mom Crosewl’s Magic Shop you are guaranteed to be shown some magic in a crisp and efficient manner, assuming we don’t accidentally ignore you.  Just kidding, we will ignore you on purpose.  Just kidding again, only one of us will ignore you and only if you wear those weird shoes again, you know the ones I mean.  So whether you’re in the market for a cool trick to show your friends or just in the mood to put on some weird shoes and be ignored, we hope you’ll stop by (and buy). Bye.

Mike practicing sleight of hand.

Mike practicing sleight of hand.

What will the new season bring?  Some new tricks?  Some weird shoes?  Probably.  But who knows, who cares?  (I can’t believe you are still reading this far! What’s the matter?  No Star Trek reruns on right now?)  Let’s just say there will be some new stuff, some old stuff, and some in between stuff and leave it at that!  We hope that if you are in the area, you will bring your face into the shop.  Faces are good, and we’ve heard nice things about yours.  The Maryland Renaissance Festival runs for NINE CONSECUTIVE WEEKENDS starting in late August, and ending in late October.  The crew would be happy if you would visit, and you don’t want to get the crew angry… they might show you their weird shoes.



Mom Crosewl Magic Shop is easy to find, just don’t forget to leave bread crumbs to find your way back home.


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