Guild of Wizards Video Magic Course

How Do You Learn Magic Tricks?

Easy to Learn Magic – Yet Very Deceptive

Professional magician Mike Rose (Head Magic Instructor at Mom Crosewl Magic Shop) will personally teach you 52 mind-boggling magic tricks.  These tricks were hand selected to not only be amazing to witness, but with Mike’s guidance, amazingly easy to learn.

No Previous Magic Knowledge Needed

You will receive a new video lesson each week for an entire year.  Along the way, you will also learn performance and presentation tips that will help bring your magic tricks out of the realm of mere tricks and turn them into entertainment.  All the tricks taught use ordinary objects easily found around the house.  No previous experience is needed!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never performed magic tricks before.  You will be personally guided step by step through each trick via video.

You Will Learn 52 Tricks Using Household Stuff!

Once you enroll, you will immediately begin receiving your weekly video magic lessons.  Each lesson is custom designed to use ordinary objects found in everyday life.  You’ll learn magic with coins, string, cards, cups, rope, sponges, thimbles, pencils, marshmallows, and more!

You’ll Be Complimented On Your Magic Abilities

You’ll be astonished at how quickly you will learn; your friends will be just plain astonished.  Click the Buy Now Button and let’s get started.  You’ll become so amazing that your friends will want to add “ini” to the end of your name!

Guild of Wizards Video Magic Course

To show you how easily you can learn mind-blowing magic tricks with the Guild of Wizards video magic course, we are giving away THREE FREE SAMPLE LESSONS!  These are extra lessons, not part of the 52 that you will receive when you join the Guild of Wizards.

Special Membership Bonus! When you sign up to become a Guild of Wizards member you will also receive periodic discounts on select Mom Crosewl Magic Shop items!

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David Haines


“I wish this course was available when I started magic! Easy to follow, impressive, professional. Soon you will be amazing your family and friends. I highly recommend this… well done, BRAVO!”
David Haines - Cruise Ship Headline Entertainer


“I have been around magic all my life from the top names that I’ve worked with to the first trick I bought when I was 8 years old.  I know the most important part of a great magic course is trick selection. You need great tricks that don’t require long hours of practice. You will be performing top notch effects with inexpensive props and little to no practice. You will be wowing your audiences big or small with the lessons contained in The Guild of Wizards.”
Charles Peachock - Appeared on America’s Got Talent More Than Any Other Comedy Juggler in the World

Al Cohen – Legend of Magic!


“The idea of one trick a week is great!  It gives the student plenty of time to absorb and learn the effect before going onto the next week.  I feel that anyone who buys your course will thank you over and over for the wonderful material you are supplying.”
Al Cohen - Owner of the world famous Al's Magic Shop

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