Boxy McBoxface – $34.95

(we ran out of clever trick names!)

The magician borrows a quarter from a spectator and asks him to mark it using a Sharpie pen. The marked quarter is placed under a handkerchief and handed back to the spectator who can feel his quarter through the handkerchief. The magician reaches into a paper bag and removes a tiny set of keys explaining they will be needed in a moment. Next she reaches into the bag and removes a small, attractive wooden box. The box is seen to be locked shut with a small padlock. The magician hands the box to the spectator and then unexpectedly whips the handkerchief out of his hand. The magician shakes the handkerchief but there is no sign of the quarter, it has apparently disappeared! The spectator is instructed to unlock the padlock and open the box. Amazingly the marked borrowed quarter is found inside.

Comes complete with a special wooden box, tiny padlock (and keys), nice drawstring pouch, and of course the secret instructions.